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The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Relieve Headaches & Eye Fatigue.

Providing the optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes, TheraRemedy™ Smart Eye Massager is a new generation eye massager that utilizes scientifically-proven warmth, acupoint and vibration massage plus music to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and everyday eye fatigue. It’s essentially a miracle cure that can provide instant relief and tackle all eye-related problems.

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The TheraRemedy™ Massager Is Effective Against:

  • Migraines, Sinus Pressure & Headaches
  • Dry & Tired Eyes
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Eye Bags & Dark Under-Eye Circles

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✔️ Relieves Migraines & Headaches

✔️ Healthy & Relaxed Eyes

✔️ Improved Sleep Quality

✔️ Less Stress & Anxiety

✔️ No Eye Bags Or Dark Circles

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The TheraRemedy™ Smart Eye Massager uses safe air compression technology and adopts kneading, trigger point therapy and rhythmic percussion massaging to give you the gentle touch you need to battle against headaches, eye strain, sleeping problems, stress and more.

The built in heating pads provide a soothing adjustable temperature between 100-107 degrees Fahrenheit which helps to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes, reducing eye puffiness, dark circles, improving your sleep quality and making your eyes feel healthy and refreshed!

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If you suffer from headaches, dry and tired eyes, bad quality sleep or stress then the TheraRemedy™ Smart Eye Massager is perfect for you.

It’s been designed to keep your eyes healthy and relieve all eye related problems including migraines, sinus pressure, eye fatigue, eye bags and more.
Perfect to be used in the comforts of your own home, or if you just need a quick break to relax which helps you recover immediately as soon as you feel a migraine or headache and stop it from getting worse.
It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting a life with healthy eyes, great sleep & no headaches.


1. How long does it take to feel relief?

The TheraRemedy™ Smart Eye Massager provides both immediate relief( in as little as 15 minuted a day) as well as long term health benefits with repeated use.

2. How well does this work on migraines?

Incredibly well. The heating function of the massager is a true life saver against migraines and headaches which over 10,000+ customers around the world have been telling us.

3. Can I use the massager while wearing contact lenses of eye lash extensions?

Yes! Our massager is completely safe and easily usable even if you wear contacts or eye lash extensions. If you do find that it causes you some discomfort, we recommend removing your contact lenses until you’ve finished with the eye massager.

4. Who can or cant use this device?

This device can work for anyone above the age of 3.

5. How often can I use this device per week?

We recommend using the eye massager daily for a minimum of 15 minutes for lasting relief.

6. Is the Eye Massager safe?

The device is 100% completely safe to use! Our device has received all the medical certifications to be considered as a completely safe device for you and your eyes.

7. How do I clean the Eye Massager?

The cloth that touches your skin can be cleaned and sanitized with wet wipes.

8. How does the Bluetooth feature work?

The Bluetooth feature is for anyone who wants to listen to music while receiving a nice and relaxing eye massage. Just connect your smart device with your massager via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go!


Customer reviews

Based on 4 reviews
  1. J***d

    Product feels good so far! Will update with the longevity of the product in a few weeks.

  2. C***o

    Very good quality equipment and very specific functions

    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
  3. D***v

    Chose express delivery, brought after the order a few days straight home. Excellent packing, hard white box, everything came ideally. Instruction in Chinese and English. The massager itself is just buzzing. Heats a little, buzzes on the sides at the straps and hisses. These are its main functions. Nothing breaks, urinary does not relax, except noise does nothing. Who says it’s relaxing eyes? Is that how? Than? This massager, like everyone else, just vibrates. What do you do with your eyes? Thrown out money, forget about a similar device, it does not affect anything, only to reduce money in your wallet.

    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
  4. K***v

    Awesome massager. Very well massage and relieve fatigue from the eyes. It was confirmed by my relatives and friends who wanted the same. I liked that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes-you do not need to check the time. Many modes, but I use only the most powerful. Bluetooth is very good. You can turn on the sounds of nature and get even more relaxation. The charge is enough for about 4-5 massage sessions. Very fast shipment, and the delivery took only 5 days to Chelyabinsk!

    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
    TheraRemedy Smart Eye Massager
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